The Real Radio Show 24/7 Affiliate of Tunein Radio  hosted a Singer & Songwriter Showcase @ Aloft Hotel in Queens N.Y. Brought to you by Good Eats Bistro and Aloft Hotel Catch upcoming artists performing on our stage and recording their interview for broadcast on The Real Radio Show 24/7. To showcase your talents and broadcast to the world your musical story, contact The Real Radio Show 247 CLICK! HERE Create an intimate musical evening for your existing fan base and the new ones you'll meet. Coming To A Location Near You! 

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Live @ Aloft Hotel

Frankie Dee & John Munson with Recording Artists Robert Brashear,Wind Meets West,Rosie Timmon and Amish Darr.

My maternal grand father presented an ancient book of saints and scholars to my mother. She decided to randomly open this book and wherever her sight landed, that would be my name. Thus, I was named Amish after an African scholar; ‘Hazrat Imam Amish”. The word has its roots in arabic and means; “The most peaceful and pure”. My last name “Darr” however originates from the land of Kashmir. It is said that Darr is originally a Hebrew word and translates to ”The Mother of Pearls”. Some historians claim that “Darr” is one of the lost tribes of Israel that settled in Iran and then migrated to Kashmir.
 Robert Brashear is a Father, minister,writer, singer-songwriter. Hope is believing without evidence then having the courage to work to make the evidence change.
Wind Meets West is the music of Tony Nguyen, an LA-born Indie-pop Viet-American singer-songwriter.
Rosie Timmon has been gigging around the Dublin music scene since Summer 2017 when she put together her first band. Since then, she has been writing and developing her sound. She has presented multiple performances over the years in venues such as Whelans, The Button Factory, The Workmans Club and Crowbar. She frequently works with Australian producer James Rubiolo and has featured on his track 'Be Free'. Timmon recently moved to New York City and hopes to gain recognition with her debut single both at home and across the water.
Natasha Owens on The Real Radio Show w/Frankie Dee. Christian music powerhouse Natasha Owens and her husband David celebrated their 25th Anniversary this week. They had planned a dream trip to Europe, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Determined to celebrate, David rented a limousine and planned an evening filled with movies and Waffle House take-out, but nothing seemed to go as planned….
 Singer Songwriter Show "Amish Darr Live on The Real Radio Show AF. Fox News Radio with Frankie Dee" 

The Real Radio Show Live @ Aloft Hotel in Queens N.Y
with Chad Szeliga (Braking Benjamin) Walking With Lions, Jesse Snider, Desiree Bassett and School of Rock Queens and more...

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